The Wuhan lab “conspiracy theory” is on the verge of becoming “conspiracy fact.” Scientific researchers who have peeled open the RNA structure of the novel coronavirus believe they have detected genetic sequences that are “almost certainly” unnatural.

The Wall Street Journal appears to have cracked the case on Sunday by contacting researchers who believe the sequences could not have arisen from nature, all speculation that “bat soup” and “wet markets” were the originators aside.

The essay in WSJ said that “much of the public discussion has focused on circumstantial evidence: mysterious illnesses in late 2019; the lab’s work intentionally supercharging viruses to increase lethality (known as ‘gain of function’ research).”

“The Chinese Communist Party has been reluctant to release relevant information,” it adds. “Reports based on US intelligence have suggested the lab collaborated on projects with the Chinese military.”

“But the most compelling reason to favor the lab leak hypothesis is firmly based in science. In particular, consider the genetic fingerprint of CoV-2, the novel coronavirus responsible for the disease Covid-19,” the report added.

SARS-CoV-2’s genetic sequencing ‘almost certainly’ demonstrates that it is an artificially-manipulated virus developed in a laboratory, the scientists say.

“The CGG-CGG combination has never been found naturally. That means the common method of viruses picking up new skills, called recombination, cannot operate here,” they wrote in the WSJ.

“A virus simply cannot pick up a sequence from another virus if that sequence isn’t present in any other virus.”

C and G stand for Cytosine and Guanine, two amino acids that are building blocks in Ribonucleic acid (RNA). Along with Adenine and Uracil, their sequencing is much like an extremely complex code that is unique to each particular organism. In Deoxyrobonucleic acid (DNA), Thymine is found instead of Uracil.

“At the minimum, this fact – that the coronavirus, with all its random possibilities, took the rare and unnatural combination used by human researchers – implies that the leading theory for the origin of the coronavirus must be laboratory escape,” the scientists added.

WSJ noted the implications for the research in an Opinion piece published on Sunday.

“In gain-of-function research, a microbiologist can increase the lethality of a coronavirus enormously by splicing a special sequence into its genome at a prime location. Doing this leaves no trace of manipulation,” the piece said. “But it alters the virus spike protein, rendering it easier for the virus to inject genetic material into the victim cell. Since 1992 there have been at least 11 separate experiments adding a special sequence to the same location. The end result has always been supercharged viruses.”

The bioweapon applications of such dangerous research are obvious. The National Institutes of Health, and the NIAID run by Dr. Anthony Fauci, have nonetheless denied accountability for the research conducted at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, despite providing it with millions of dollars of taxpayer funding through the group EcoHealth Alliance. The Chinese military could potentially weaponize or exploit the coronavirus research.

On Friday, a report revealed that the Department of Defense was instrumental in U.S. funding of the Wuhan lab’s risky research. The Pentagon “funneled” $39 million to EcoHealth Alliance, the Fauci-connected “charity” group that disbursed research funding to the Wuhan Institute for Virology. The lab is believed to be a plausible source of the COVID-19 outbreak that has sickened and killed millions worldwide.

The data that show the Department of Defense and other U.S. agencies provided funds to the EcoHealth Alliance group was obtained by the Daily Mail and published on Friday.

“The Pentagon gave $39 million to a charity that funded controversial coronavirus research at a Chinese lab accused of being the source for Covid-19, federal data reveals,” the report said.

“[F]ederal grant data assembled by independent researchers shows that the charity has received more than $123 million from the government – from 2017 to 2020 – and that one of its biggest funders is the Department of Defense, funneling almost $39 million to the organization since 2013,” the report said.

The accumulating evidence that the COVID-19 pandemic was not only covered up by the Chinese, but also may have originated in the Wuhan lab, is building up into a monumental scandal that threatens to blow the lid off of Americans’ belief in its scientific community and its defense agencies.

The U.S. Congress is obligated to begin extremely serious and thorough public inquiries immediately.