During a recent appearance on Steven Bannon’s War Room, Dr. Naomi Wolf dove into just how corrupt the rollout of the COVID shots were, mentioning that the number of adverse events were so high during the rollout period that Pfizer had to onboard thousands of new staff members to merely address the paperwork that accompanied said events.

“Stevan Looney, who is a litigator, an attorney in New Mexico, who previously confirmed fraud by Pfizer, has done a review of the April tranche – the new tranche – and he found it shocking that 2,400 full-time employees were hired by Pfizer in February of 2021.

“Because just in the three months previously, since the vaccines were rolled out December 1st, 2020, three months later, February 28th, 2021, they found… Pfizer’s words to the FDA, ‘A large number of adverse events,’ so, so large, that they had to hire 2,400 new full-time employees to process the adverse events that they anticipated they’d receive in March, April, May, and June in the four months of 2021 to follow.”

Dr. Wolf remarked on how it was “stunning” that the casualty toll from these COVID shots was so high during the era of “get vaccinated” and “get boosted” and yet, “You did not hear that there were so many adverse events in Pfizer’s internal reviews that they had to hire 2,400 new full-time employees to deal with the paperwork and the data processing they expected due to the anticipated volume of adverse events.”

In Dr. Wolf’s opinion, this “bombshell” also attributes blame to the FDA in the matter, as she alleged that the agency was engaged in a “massive, massive crime and cover-up” to conceal this information from the general public at the time.

When discussing the “redacted and unredacted documents” reviewed by Stevan Looney –  with the redacted version dropping this past March and the unredacted version dropping this April – the latest document drop details even further onboardings to help address the numerous adverse events related to these COVID shots.

Dr. Wolf lamented on just how much information was kept from the public during the rollout of these shots. At the same time, they were hyped up as being the greatest thing to grace the world stage – emphasizing that no one in the general public was privy that Pfizer had to hire this massive number of employees simply to process paperwork. This is especially interesting, according to Wolf, that the paperwork was affiliated with adverse events and reactions to these shots.

“You weren’t told that that they were hiring 2,400 new employees because of the volume of bad outcomes, dangerous outcomes, and in the papers, they ranged from death to spontaneous abortion to, you know, horrible skin disorders, hives, anencephaly, anaphylaxis, horrible outcomes. There were so many they couldn’t keep up with it with their own staff.”