What’s Going On:

Stop World Control

Lawyers and experts reveal evidence for world dictatorship under the guise of pandemics


A group of international lawyers, top level experts, and renowned scientists present the evidence before a Grand Jury that the COVID-19 pandemic is a criminal operation, with the purpose of installing a world dictatorship.


Among the expert witnesses are World Health Organization advisors, a United Nations official, members of British Intelligence Services, former officers from the U.S. and U.K. military, an expert from the Center for Disease Control, a former vice-president from Pfizer, a Nobel prize winner for medicine, and many other high-level witnesses.


The experts show how mind control, psychological manipulation and hypnosis techniques are used to control the opinions and behavior of the public worldwide. The information is backed up with official documents issued by the governments and the named organizations. Below is one example of an official document from the British Government, revealing an official strategy to psychologically manipulate the public:

“2. Perceived threat: a substantial number of people still do not feel sufficiently personally threatened; (…) The perceived level of personal threats needs to be increased among those who are complacent, using hard-hitting emotional messaging.”


The evidence is presented during six Grand Jury legal proceedings, that each last about six hours. The length of these proceedings, make it hard for the majority of the public to receive this information. That’s why Stop World Control is creating easy-to-read summaries of each six-hour session, so these extremely important revelations can reach a greater audience. The first summary is now available and can be downloaded for free here:



International lawyers and a judge present this evidence to the Grand Jury.


The allegation is that the world’s governments have come under the controlling influence of corrupt and criminal power structures.

The power structures colluded to stage a pandemic that they had been planning for years (click to see evidence). To this end, they deliberately created mass panic through false statements of fact and a socially engineered psychological operation whose messages they conveyed through the corporate media. The purpose of this mass panic was to persuade the population to agree to experimental so-called “vaccinations” (which they are not). These have been proven to be neither effective nor safe, but extremely dangerous and even lethal.

Download the Vaccine Death Report to see scientific data that shows how millions have died from the covid injections and hundreds of millions have serious side effects, often permanently disabling the victims. 



The purpose of the investigation is twofold: 1) It serves as a model proceeding to secure indictments against some of the criminally and civilly responsible figureheads of these Crimes Against Humanity. 2) By presenting a complete picture of what we are facing, including the geopolitical and historical backdrop, our aim is to create awareness about the factual collapse of the current hijacked system and its institutions, and, as a consequence, awareness of:

  • the necessity of the people themselves retaking their sovereignty
  • the necessity of first stopping the measures by refusing to comply
  • the necessity of jump-starting the people’s own new systems of health care, education, economics and judiciary, so that democracy and the rule of law on the basis of our Constitutions will be re-established.

The purpose is to secure indictments against the figureheads, and to create awareness about the necessity to stop complying with the criminal system.



During the opening statements Dr. Reiner Fuellmich explains the four sets of facts concerning these crimes against humanity, and introduces the experts who will be presenting the evidence.



There is no corona pandemic – only a PCR-test plandemic, fueled by an elaborate psychological operation designed to create a constant state of panic among the world population. This agenda has been long planned – its ultimately unsuccessful precursor was the swine flu 12 years ago – and it was cooked up by a group of super rich psychopathic and sociopathic people who hate and fear people at the same time, have no empathy and are driven by the desire to gain full control over all of us, the people of the world.

They are using our governments and the mainstream media – both of which they literally own – to convey their panic propaganda 24/7.


The virus itself can be treated safely and effectively with vitamins C, D, zinc, etc., and also with off-label use of ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, etc. But all of these (not ‘alternative’ methods of treatment – but real methods of treatment) were banned by those using the guise of this “plandemic” to push their ultimate goal, which is to get everyone to get the (as we will show in this proceeding) not only ineffective but highly dangerous – yes, lethal – experimental injections.


The same people who made the swine flu, which ultimately turned out to be a mild flu, into a pandemic twelve years ago (by first changing the definition of what a pandemic is and then creating panic) created this Corona pandemic. The swine flu was their first real attempt at creating a pandemic. And just as one of its purposes then was to divert our attention from the blatantly fraudulent activities of their financial industry (more aptly to be called the financial mafia), which had become visible through the Lehman crisis – this is also one of their major purposes of this corona pandemic now.

Now, had we taken a closer look then during the Lehman crisis, instead of blindly believing our government’s promises that the perpetrators of those financial crimes would be held liable, we would have seen then that they had been looting and plundering our public coffers for decades, and we would have seen that our governments are not our governments anymore. Rather, they have been taken over by the other side through their main platform, the World Economic Forum, which had started to create their own global leaders through their Young Global Leaders Program, as early as 1992; two of the first graduates being Angela Merkel and Bill Gates. And we would have understood already then, what we will show you now through this proceeding.

These financial crimes went unchallenged by our politicians because they are aiding and abetting those who commit them – and are profiting from these crimes.


Ultimately, however, we will show to you, the jury, that the other side’s main purpose is to gain full and complete control over all of us. This involves the finalization of their looting and plundering by deliberately destroying our small and medium-sized businesses, retail businesses, hotels, and restaurants so that platforms such as Amazon can take over.

Governments have been taken over by the World Economic Forum. Their goal is to gain complete control over all of us.

This involves population control, which, in their view, requires both a massive reduction of the population and manipulating the DNA of the remaining population with the help, for example, of mRNA experimental injections.

But it also requires, in their view, the deliberate destruction of democracy, of the rule of law, and of our Constitutions through chaos, so that ultimately we will agree to:

  • losing our national and cultural identities and instead accepting a one world government under the UN (United Nations), which is now under the full control of these players and their World Economic Forum
  • digital passports, under which each and every move is monitored and controlled
  • one digital currency, which we will only be able to receive from a one world bank – theirs, of course.

At the conclusion of the case, and after you have heard all the evidence, we are confident that you will recommend indictments against all six putative figurehead defendants:

Christian Drosten of Germany, Anthony Fauci of the United States, Tedros of the World Health Organization, Bill Gates, BlackRock, and Pfizer.

Ladies and gentlemen, this case is about a long-planned agenda of a group of ultra-rich people and their financial mafia based in the city of London and on Wall Street, to use a pseudo-pandemic as the guise behind which – while our attention is on the pandemic – they seek to complete their decades-long efforts to gain full and complete control over all of us.

There are numerous platforms on which this group has been meeting and discussing this agenda. But the most important one is that of the World Economic Forum, which was invented in 1971 by then 33-year-old Klaus Schwab. Its members are 1000 global corporations with at least $5 billion in annual sales, as well as politicians, media representatives, scientists, and other so-called high-profile personalities. They meet once a year in Davos, but there are other such meetings, for example, in China.  

Since 1992, they have created and presented to us their own group of political leaders for the world.  

Among the first graduates, as I mentioned before, were Angela Merkel and Bill Gates in 1992. Others are Sebastian Kurz, (until recently) Chancellor of Austria; Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada; Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand; Emmanuel Macron, President of France, and many, many more.

This group, which is now called the Davos Clique, is openly (the publication ‘The Great Reset’ by Klaus Schwab is one of the most important sources for this information) promoting the shifting of the world’s assets to this group of super rich people, so that in 2030, ordinary people will ‘own nothing and be happy’, as it explicitly states there, under the One World Government, with a digital currency given to us by their One World Bank.

The Davos Clique promotes the shifting of the world’s assets to this group of super rich people, so that in 2030 ordinary people will ‘own nothing and be happy’. They also promote reduction of the world population and manipulation of the human DNA. Ultimately they want the introduction of a world government under the UN.

They’re also openly promoting, in close cooperation with people like the putative defendant Bill Gates, the Rockefellers and others, the drastic reduction of the world’s population and the manipulation of the remaining population’s DNA all the way into transhumanism.

Their most important goal is, however, the controlled (by them, of course) implosion of the completely looted financial system and simultaneous introduction of a digital currency issued by a one world bank (controlled by them), and just as important, the introduction of a world government under the UN, which came under their full control in 2019.

For this purpose, they have made concrete plans for this corona pandemic since at least the spring of 2001 – with Operation Dark Winter, followed by another such rehearsal, the Lockstep exercise by the Rockefeller Foundation in 2010. And finally, Event 201 in October of 2019 in New York, sponsored by the Johns Hopkins Centre for Health Security, the Rockefeller Foundation, the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Members of the jury, we will call a number of different highly renowned expert witnesses from all walks of science, but also witnesses who will testify to the damage that they suffered as a result of getting the experimental injections in this trial.

After our opening statements, we will start off, in a week from now, by calling:

  • a former member of the US military, James Bush, who participated in Operation Dark Winter in 2001
  • former members of the British Intelligence Services Brian Gerrish and Alex Thompson
  • investigative journalists Whitney Webb and Matthew Ehret
  • former World Health Organization employees and advisors, Dr. Sylvia Behrend and Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger

They will explain to us the historical and geopolitical background of what we are confronted with.  And they will show us how this agenda has been planned for at least 20 years, starting with Operation Dark Winter in 2001 and some ten years later, the Lockstep scenario by the Rockefeller Foundation, ending with the dress rehearsal, Event 201, in October of 2019. 

In the end, they will explain how, when there were no cases in which they needed to declare a public health emergency of international concern, they created cases by having defendant Drosten invent the story of asymptomatic infections (which don’t exist) and how this PCR test can detect, through mass screening of perfectly healthy people, those who are infected.  This is a lie, as we will show.

They falsely claimed how this PCR test can detect those who are infected – through mass screening of perfectly healthy people.

We will continue with the next group of witnesses:

  • Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, an experienced lung specialist and former member of the German Bundestag and the Council of Europe, who managed to expose the other side’s first attempt at a pandemic – the swine flu of twelve years ago – as a mild flu
  • Professor Ulrike Kammerer, biologist from Wurzburg University
  • Mike Yeadon, former Vice President of Pfizer
  • Sylvia Behrend, Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger, Professor Dolores Cahill of Dublin University, Professor Antonietta Gatti from Italy, and Professor Berkholtz from Germany

These experts will explain to us what is behind the legend of the Wuhan wet market outbreak. They will show that the virus is no more dangerous than the common flu; that the PCR test cannot tell us anything about infections – but is the only basis for all anti-corona measures, including the ultimate measure, the so-called “vaccines”; and that the so-called vaccines are not only ineffective but extremely dangerous.

There was no excess mortality anywhere until the experimental injections started.

Regardless of the natural or manmade origin of the virus, our immune system is perfectly well capable of dealing with the virus, as evidenced by an infection fatality rate of between 0.14 and 0.15, or even less, percent. There was no excess mortality anywhere until the experimental injections started. There were not even any cases in early 2020.

However, they needed cases in order to declare a public health emergency of international concern, as this was the only basis on which it would be possible (according to their own made-up rules, which all governments of the member States of the World Health Organization had agreed to) to use untested new drugs – the experimental injections – on people.  After a first failed attempt at announcing this public health emergency of international concern because there were no cases, they tried again in late January of 2020 after they had created cases with the help of that now infamous Drosten PCR test and announced this public health emergency of international concern two weeks later.

We will hear from these experts that these cases were almost all false positive test results, nothing else.

The next group of experts are Dr. Thomas Binder from Switzerland, Dr. Brian Ardis from Texas, Dr. Shankara Chetty from South Africa, Dr. Wolfgang Wordarg from Germany, and John O’Looney, undertaker from England.

These experts will tell us how, right from the start, we were witnessing a deliberate, completely senseless banning of normal, effective and safe methods of treatment of respiratory diseases.  And instead, a mandate of treatments that must now be considered serious medical malpractice: intubation, remdesivir, and midazolam.

John O’Looney will explain how he, first believing the other side’s allegations about a pandemic, even helped the BBC in pushing their panic propaganda until he realized how, under the guise of the pandemic, people were intentionally being killed.

We will then call the next group of experts, including:

  • Professor Alexandra Henrion-Caude from France
  • Mike Yeadon, former Pfizer VP
  • Professor Sucharit Bhakdi from Germany
  • Vanessa Schmidt-Kruger from Germany
  • Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA vaccine technique from the US
  • Professor Arne Burkhardt, pathologist from Germany

They will show us that, while the virus did not cause any excess mortality, and has a survival rate of 99.97%, the shots are now killing people and have been causing excess mortality of up to 40% since September as a result of poisoning with a spike protein and of shutting off our immune system.

Dr. Mike Yeadon will tell us how a group of scientists has even found concrete evidence that the makers of the vaccines are experimenting with lethal dosages, to see how the lethal side effects can be manipulated in such a way that the population will not immediately understand what is happening.

The next group of experts will explain to us how it could have come to this. This group includes Professor Mattias Desmet from Belgium, Dr. Ariane Bilheran from France, Meredith Miller from the US, Professor Harald Walach from Germany, and Stefan Cohen, employee of the German Department of the Interior.

These experts will walk us through how the other side, after having established the public health emergency of international concern, in quick succession introduced us to the lockdown, the nonsensical and dangerous mask mandates and the very harmful, both physically and psychologically, social distancing, until they arrived at their ultimate goal – the ineffective, dangerous, and even lethal injections.

All this was possible through a gigantic psychological operation through the mainstream media and our politicians – both owned by the other side.

And they will explain to us in detail how our acquiescence to all of this was made possible through a gigantic psychological operation whose panic message we kept receiving through the mainstream media and our politicians, both owned by the other side.  Relentless propaganda.

The next group of experts includes Leslie Manukian, former investment banker from the US; Naomi Wolfe, journalist and author from the US; Ernst Wolff, German economist; Professor Christian Kreiss, German economist; Professor Holger Reichel, German economist; and Marcus Kroll, German economist.

This part of the proceedings will have these experts explain to us in great detail about the intentional destruction of our economies and how the other side is working on a controlled crash of the financial system, both to get away with the crimes that they have already committed over the past decades – looting and plundering our public coffers until there’s nothing left – and to introduce a one world bank and digital currency plus digital passport.

The final group of experts include Matthew Ehret, an investigative journalist from Canada, Vera Sharav, a Holocaust survivor, Ilana Rachel Daniel from Israel, Rabbi Smith from New York, Patrick Wood, an expert on technocracy from the US, and Avital Livny, a journalist from Israel.

An important part of the agenda has to do with reducing the world’s population.

This final part of the investigation will have these experts tell us how an important part of the other side’s agenda has to do with population control – or rather, eugenics. After World War II, eugenics had a bad name, according to Julian Huxley, who founded the UNESCO. But he and the very large group of people who supported the idea of eugenics would soon be able to continue with their efforts in this direction, he openly explained.  The parallels between what happened then – 80 years ago – and what is happening now shall not be ignored. Vera Sharaf will remind us of this.

After you have heard all the evidence, we have no doubt that you will recommend indictments against all our putative defendants for crimes against humanity.


Opening Statements by the Lawyers


Historical and Geopolitical Backdrop



Former officer of British Intelligence Services Alex Thompson explains how the City of London is the greatest financial power in the world, whose goal has always been world domination. These British elite extend their hand of influence and control into the governments, health agencies, media and industries of every nation in the world.

Their main strategy is mind control, as they aim to completely dominate what the world population thinks, believes, and does.

Former advisors to the World Health Organization and the United Nations reveal how the WHO has been set up as an effective one-world government. All they need to do is declare a public health emergency of international concern, and they can seize all rights and freedoms from the entire world population. Such an emergency can easily be fabricated using fraudulent diagnostics, like the completely unreliable PCR test which replaces true medical diagnosis.

The WHO is entirely run by private entities, meaning that private persons are now able to rule the whole world, through the WHO, effectively abolishing every and all principles of democracy.

A former officer from the British Royal Navy and a former government advisor at the Department of Health for the UK government reveal documents that show how psychological techniques are used to hypnotize the population and create fear, in order to change their behavior. They also show how financial entities from the City of London send ‘change agents’ into governments, media, education, and health agencies around the world, to establish their rule, through the psychological manipulation.

All this is part of a plan for world domination, which has always been at the heart of the City of London, or the British elite. They collaborate with other elite groups, from Germany, Italy, etc. to accomplish their goals.

Ultimately the agenda is to use the imposed injections to change the human DNA and create a new model of humans, that they will obey perfectly.

– DOWNLOAD PDF – Day 2 Summary

Download a written transcript & summary of the Day 2 session. This greatly helps to better absorb the important information, and also allows for a more efficient distribution of these critical facts. Not many people can watch a six-hour video, but everyone can glance at a PDF and understand the essence of the presented information.



The PCR Test


Injections &
Psychological Warfare


Economical & Financial Destruction

What Can You Do?

The most important thing is to inform the public. Once people know what is going on, they stop complying, which is the end of the agenda of these criminals. Use the share buttons at the side or bottom of this page, or copy and paste this url on your social media platforms: 





Plenty of information coming out!


NIH National Institute Of Health finally reveals the Truth about this conspiracy and tyranny behind the deception about these jab giant bioweapons and their boosters on their website!!!! read it all. This should be mandatory reading in all schools, nursing homes, houses of worship, prayer, and everywhere. Everyone should see this. Please click on the NIH link.https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC9062939/

A TWEET:@KathyHochul @NYCMayor @WNYOpenSchools @angrybklynmom @BuckSexton @JesseKellyDC @JesseBWatters @TuckerCarlson @jonrappoport @SaraCarterDC @trish_regan @Liz_Wheeler @TaylorRMarshallHmmm, Told you so. AND they refused to do the upfront control studies. GUILTY! For all injuries.Quote TweetDr. Simone Gold@drsimonegold· 8hBREAKING: A study in the leading medical journal “Vaccines” has found that mRNA vaccines are significantly associated with deadly blood clots. The research team analyzed 1,154,023 adverse event reports from more than 130 countries. Every news outlet should be covering this. 

How Bad is My Batch?

Batch codes and associated deaths, disabilities and illnesses for Covid 19 Vaccines

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!! NEW : Young die twice as fast. See Young Die Sooner

!! NEW : Rate of Death. An exact calculation of deaths per vaccinated for each day of 2021 – based on released government data. It was expected that this would be a constant – the truth was otherwise – See Deaths per Vaccinated Additional information can be found on the Size Matters page.

!! NEW : What the emails reveal. See EMA Leaked Emails Part 1

!! NEW : C19 Vax vs Flu Vax. See VIDEO : C19 v Flu. See also pdf – PDF : C19 v Flu

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!! NEW : The Curious Case of Belgium – 70% of reports are severe! See PDF : Belgium

!! NEW : Massive differences between countries in % of severe reports. See International

!! NEW : Variation between Dose 1, 2 & 3 in % of Severe Reports. See Doses 1, 2, and 3

!! NEW : A Study of Paralysis Following C19 Vaccination. See Paralysis

!! NEW : Size matters – how injuries increase in direct proportion to numbers vaccinated – a causal link. See Size Matters

!! NEW : Vaccine injury / death differs by state. See States

!! NEW : Lot expiry list reveals which lots are biologically active vs placebo. See Lot Expiry Dates page.

!! NEW : Gender differences in response to vaccine. See Gender

!! NEW : Revelations from Sweden See Sweden

!! NEW : Documents submitted “People vs MHRA” See Prosecution docs

!! NEW : Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA technology, talks about his vaccine injury.

Some batches/lots are associated with excessive deaths, disabilities and adverse reactions. This variation could be due to –

variation in the amount, meaning the number of doses distributed for a particular lot, OR

variation in the toxicity of the doses

Both factors may play a part. Until we know for certain, it is best to be cautious.

You can use this website to find out the number of deaths, disabilities and illnesses associated with your particular batch code. The sheer number of deaths and disabilities is cause for concern – far exceeding the adverse events associated with flu vaccine lots of equal size.

Check out your batch code (lot number)

Moderna Batch Codes

Pfizer Batch Codes

Janssen Batch Codes

Moderna (outside of USA)

Pfizer (outside of USA)

Janssen (outside of USA)

Latest Info on Boosters

Bad Batches of the Month

Variation in Toxicity

Expose on Lot Variation in Toxicity

Mike Yeadon : Evidence of Callibration of Toxicity

Interview with Craig Paardekooper on C-VAR

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Cumulative Toxicity over Time PDF

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Death by Lottery PDF

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Do the Batch Codes Code for Toxicity?

Moderna’s 20A-21A Classification of Toxicity for Covid Vaccines PDF

Moderna : Alphabetic Labelling of Different Toxicities PDF

Pfizer : Alphabetic Labelling of Different Toxicities PDF

VIDEO : Do Pfizer Batch Numbers Code for Toxicity Part 1 ?

VIDEO : Do Pfizer Batch Numbers Code for Toxicity Part 2 ?

VIDEO : Do Moderna Batch Numbers Code for Toxicity ?

VAERS Database

Covid Science Library

Medical doctors talking about VAERS


Data Source

USA Data : All data is sourced from VAERS, a public database of over 700,000 adverse reaction reports for Moderna, Pfizer and Janssen Covid 19 vaccines in the USA.

Foreign Data : VAERS database now also includes data for Moderna, Pfizer and Janssen Covid 19 vaccines in countries outside of the USA. This data can be found here – Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) – the last table listed. This non-domestic data has been submitted by foreign regulatory agencies and consists of approximately 1,000,000 adverse reaction reports.

Our intention is to present the VAERS data in an accessible and unadulterated form, that can be easily verified using the links below

Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)

Video Tutorial 1 : Extracting Bad Batch Data from VAERS – Deaths, Disabilities, Hospitalisations

Extracting non-domestic data from VAERS – the steps I took

Study finds Covid-19 Vaccination increases risk of suffering Miscarriage by 1517%

A study of data found in the USA’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting system has revealed that per number of doses administered the Covid-19 injections are at least 16 times / 1,517% more likely to cause a pregnant woman to suffer a miscarriage than the Flu jab.

The Influenza vaccine has been administered to pregnant women in the USA for years, so there is plenty of long-term data on its safety profiles, and there has been plenty of time to flag any concerning safety signals.

According to the US database of adverse reactions to vaccines, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), between 2008 and 2020 there were a total of 225 spontaneous abortions (miscarriages) reported as adverse reactions to all of the available Flu vaccines in the USA.

The Covid-19 injections were only granted emergency use authorization in December 2020, and there is no long term data on their safety profile when administered during pregnancy, and there is only short term data because the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) decided to perform a real-world experiment/study on pregnant women in America.

With that being said, according to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), between December 2020 and 11th Feb 22, there were a total of 1,179 spontaneous abortions (miscarriages) reported as adverse reactions to all of the available Covid-19 injections in the USA.

The problem with the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System is that it doesn’t tell the whole story, because studies have shown for years that just 1 to 10% of adverse reactions are actually reported to the system. Therefore the true number of miscarriages to the Covid-19 injections could be as high as 117,900, if not more.

However, we now have a solid method to calculate whether the 1,179 reported spontaneous abortions to the Covid-19 injections should be a cause for concern, and that is by calculating the rate of miscarriage per number of Covid-19 injections administered and comparing it against the rate of miscarriage per number of Flu vaccines administered.

At first glance of the above data you could make the assumption that because the Covid-19 injections have caused 5.2 times as many miscarriages as what the Flu vaccines have caused, they are therefore at least 5 times as dangerous.

But if you were to make this claim you would be met with cries of, “yes but this is to be expected because many more people have been given the Covid-19 injection”. But unfortunately, that isn’t true.

The following chart shows the total number of flu vaccine doses administered in 13 full flu seasons all the way from the 2008/2009 flu season to the 2019-2020 flu season. The data has been extracted from the CDC info found here.

The following chart shows the total number of Covid-19 vaccine doses administered in the USA since the start of the vaccination campaign and up to 11th February 2022.

In all between the 08/09 flu season and the 19/20 flu season, there were a total of 1,720,400,000 (1.7204 billion) doses of the flu jab administered in the USA.

Whereas from the start of the Covid-19 vaccination campaign up to 11th Feb 22 there were a total of 557,637,223 (557.6 million) doses of the Covid-19 vaccine administered in the USA.

Therefore, over three times as many Flu vaccines have been administered in the USA over 13 years than Covid-19 injections administered in the USA since the end of 2020.

Now the problem with calculating the rate of miscarriage per number of doses administered is that the results are going to be highly skewed in favor of the flu vaccines for a couple of reasons.

  1. The Flu vaccine is only administered to the elderly, the vulnerable, some children, and pregnant women.
  2. The Covid-19 injections have been offered to anyone and everyone.

It’s also important to note that the rate of miscarriage per number of doses administered isn’t actually going to be correct for both injections because it’s based on the number of doses administered to the entire population. But obviously, only pregnant women are able to suffer a miscarriage. Therefore, the actual number of doses for both the Covid-19 injections and Influenza vaccines will in reality be a lot lower per miscarriage suffered.

But because we’re performing the same calculation for both vaccines the results are still relative to each other and will therefore highlight any differences between the two.

With that being said, let’s move on to the results.

The following chart shows the number of adverse event reports made to VAERS against the Covid-19 vaccines that resulted in a pregnant woman suffering a miscarriage up to 11th Feb 22 in the USA, and the number of adverse event reports made to VAERS against the flu vaccines that resulted in a pregnant woman suffering a miscarriage between 2008 and 2020 in the USA.

The raw numbers alone show that in the space of 14 months there were 5 times as many adverse event reports made against the Covid-19 vaccines that resulted in a miscarriage than were made against the Flu vaccines in 13 years.

But when we actually work out the rate of strokes suffered per number of doses administered, we find that the Covid-19 vaccines have proven to be even more harmful than they first appear.

The following chart shows the number of doses of vaccine administered per miscarriage suffered as an adverse reaction in the USA for both the Flu vaccines and the Covid-19 vaccines.

Between 2008 and 2020, the rate of adverse event reports to the flu vaccine resulting in a miscarriage equates to 1 miscarriage per 7,646,222 doses administered.

But the rate of adverse event reports to the Covid-19 vaccines resulting in miscarriage equates to 1 stroke per 472,974 doses administered.

When we translate these figures into the number of miscarriages suffered as an adverse reaction per 1 million doses administered we’re left with the following –

This means the Covid-19 injections are at least 16 times / 1,517% more likely to cause the recipient to suffer a miscarriage than the Flu vaccines.

These numbers alone demonstrate an extremely concerning safety signal when it comes to administering the Covid-19 injection during pregnancy, but as we explained above in reality the numbers are highly likely to be much worse. Especially when you consider that the flu vaccine has decades of long-term data to support its use during pregnancy, but the Covid-19 injections do not.

You would therefore expect the majority of pregnant women to have taken up the offer of an Influenza vaccine throughout the years, whereas you would expect many pregnant women would have been hesitant to take part in a real-world study to test the safety of administering an experimental Covid-19 injection during pregnancy.

Laboratories in US can’t find Covid-19 in one of 1,500 positive tests

CDC sued for massive fraud: Tests at 7 universities of ALL people examined showed that they did not have Covid, but just Influenza A or B – EU statistics: ‘Corona’ virtually disappeared, even under mortality.

A clinical scientist and immunologist-virologist at a southern California laboratory says he and colleagues from 7 universities are suing the CDC for massive fraud. The reason: not one of 1500 samples of people tested “positive” could find Covid-19. ALL people were simply found to have Influenza A, and to a lesser extent Influenza B. This is consistent with the previous findings of other scientists, which we have reported on several times.

Dr. Derek Knauss: “When my lab team and I subjected the 1500 supposedly positive Covid-19 samples to Koch’s postulates and put them under an SEM (electron microscope), we found NO Covid in all 1500 samples. We found that all 1500 samples were primarily Influenza A, and some Influenza B, but no cases of Covid. We did not use the bulls*** PCR test.’

At 7 universities not once COVID detected

‘When we sent the rest of the samples to Stanford, Cornell, and a couple of the labs at the University of California, they came up with the same result: NO COVID. They found Influenza A and B. Then we all asked the CDC for viable samples of Covid. The CDC said they can’t give them because they don’t have those samples.’

‘So, we came to the hard conclusion through all our research and lab work that Covid-19 was imaginary and fictitious. The flu was only called ‘Covid,’ and most of the 225,000 deaths were from co-morbidities such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, pulmonary emphysema, etc.. They got the flu which further weakened their immune systems, and they died.’

‘This virus is fictitious’

‘I still need to find one viable sample with Covid-19 to work with. We who conducted the lab test with these 1500 samples at the 7 universities are now suing the CDC for Covid-19 fraud. The CDC still has not sent us a viable, isolated, and purified sample of Covid-19. If they can’t or won’t, then I say there is no Covid-19. It’s fictional.’

‘The four research papers describing the genome extracts of the Covid-19 virus never managed to isolate and purify the samples. All four papers describe only small pieces of RNA that are only 37 to 40 base pairs long. That is NOT a VIRUS. A viral genome normally has 30,000 to 40,000 base pairs.’

‘Now that Covid-19 is supposedly so bad everywhere, how come not one lab in the world has completely isolated and purified this virus? That’s because they never really found the virus. All they ever discovered were small pieces of RNA that were not identified as the virus anyway. So what we’re dealing with is just another flu strain, just like every year. Covid-19 does not exist and is fictitious.’

‘I believe that China and the globalists have set up this Covid hoax (the flu disguised as a new virus) to establish a global tyranny and totalitarian control police state. This intrigue included (also) massive election fraud to overthrow Trump.’

CDC itself admits to having no identifiable virus

Deeply hidden in an official document on Covid-19, the CDC ruefully admitted as early as summer 2020 that it does not have a measurable virus: ‘As no quantified (= measured) isolated virus objects of 2019-nCoV are available at this time…’ (page 39 of the ‘CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel’ (July 13) In other words, the CDC, as one of THE leading medical authorities in the world, could not, and still cannot, demonstrate a virus.

About the for this purpose scientifically totally debunked, but still shamelessly abused PCR test, the CDC wrote under the heading ‘limitations’: ‘The detection of viral RNA cannot demonstrate the presence of an infectious virus, or that 2019-nCoV is the causative agent of clinical symptoms.’ And in addition: ‘This test cannot exclude other diseases caused by other bacterial or viral pathogens.’

In other words, we cannot prove that the people who get sick and are hospitalized, and very occasionally die, were sickened by a new coronavirus called SARS-CoV-2, nor can we prove that it caused them to develop a new disease called ‘Covid-19.’ It could just as easily be a different virus and a different disease. (And since all the symptoms, including severe pneumonia, correspond seamlessly to what flu can cause historically in vulnerable people… ‘if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, it is a duck’.

Reward of $1,800,000 for demonstrating coronavirus

Last year, Samuel Eckert’s German Team and the Isolate Truth Fund pledged a reward of at least $265,000 for any scientist who can provide incontrovertible proof that the SARS-CoV-2 virus has been isolated and therefore exists. They too pointed out that not one lab in the world has yet been able to isolate this corona virus. This amount has increased to $1,800,000.

Yes, systems scientists claim they have, but this ‘isolation’ consists only of a sample from the human body, which is a ‘soup’ full of different kinds of cells, remains of viruses, bacteria, et cetera. With the help of (toxic) chemicals one then searches for some (residual) particles that may indicate a virus that once existed or may still exist, after which this is designated as ‘evidence’.

Canadian team also received no evidence despite 40 Public Access Law requests

In late December 2020 there was a similar initiative to the one in Germany. A team around Canadian investigative journalist Christine Massey submitted no less than 40 Public Access Law requests to medical authorities worldwide with the simple request for proof that the SARS-CoV-2 virus has been isolated and its existence can therefore be objectively proven. Not one of the agencies and authorities written to was able to provide that evidence.

‘Impossible to demonstrate that SARS-CoV-2 causes a disease called Covid-19’

Dr. Tom Cowan, Dr. Andrew Kaufman and Sally Fallon Morell recently published a statement on “the continuing controversy over whether the SARS-CoV-2 virus is isolated or purified. But based on the official Oxford definition of “isolation” (“the fact or condition of being isolated or secluded, a separation from other things or persons, standing alone”), common sense, the laws of logic and the rules of science dictate that any unbiased person must come to the conclusion that the SARS-CoV-2 virus has never been isolated or purified. As a result, no confirmation of the existence of the virus can be given.’

‘The logical and scientific implications of this fact are that the structure and composition of something whose existence cannot be proven cannot be known, including the presence, structure and function of hypothetical spike or other proteins. The genetic sequence of something that has never been found cannot be known, nor can the “variants” (mutations) of something whose existence has not been demonstrated. It is therefore impossible to show that SARS-CoV-2 causes a disease called Covid-19.’

Combined PCR test for corona and influenza ‘because there’s hardly any difference’

Not surprisingly, the world’s largest biotech company, China’s BGI, recently launched a new PCR test that can simultaneously test for influenza A, B and corona. Apart from the proven fact, acknowledged trough various lawsuits, that a PCR test cannot prove infection with any virus whatsoever, BGI’s explanation that both diseases are so difficult to distinguish from each other and that they have therefore made only one test, says more than enough. Maybe there IS no difference at all, ‘Covid’ is just another name for ‘old familiar’ flu viruses, and this is just another clever marketing trick?

Most people have been fooled by fear propaganda

With worldwide, government-controlled 24/7 fear propaganda by the mass media, most people have come to believe that there is indeed a life-threatening virus that makes people sick much faster and more severely than seasonal flu. However, even the latter is demonstrably not the case. Influenza A has been the leading cause of death from pneumonia in the developed world for years.

But send people designated as severe Covid patients to a few ICU’s, put cameras on them constantly, instruct a few physicians that they should only discuss the worst cases, and you have your “televised pandemic. The argument ‘we are doing it because otherwise care will be overburdened’ was undermined by governments itself some time ago, by rejecting offers of additional ICU beds or staff, because ‘it is not necessary’. (Was this perhaps the first and only time the truth was told?)

Official figures: nothing to worry about (yet it never gets back to normal)

Now that also the official figures show that after the normal traditional flu season nothing is wrong, and according to the EU statistics (EuroMOMO) there is even a significant lower mortality, the society – if it really was about a virus and public health – should immediately go back to normal to start repairing the huge damage caused by government policies.

However, as you know, that will never be done, and that is because this carefully planned pandemic hoax is carrying out an ideological agenda, the ‘Great Reset’, which aims to largely demolish the society and economy of the West, and then subject it to a global technocratic communist climate-vaccine dictatorship, in which all our freedoms, civil and self-determination rights will be done away with once and for all.

At least that was their plan.

CVD jabs caused over 28,000 deaths – US government data shows

Anthony Fauci and all the ‘experts’ told us the CVD jab was safe and effective…

So why do we have over 28,000 reported deaths on the government’s own, ‘official’ Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System, VAERS?

And, why do we have so many serious injuries?

  •      1,261,000 adverse events
  •      155,000 hospitalizations
  •      129,000 urgent care cases
  •      52,000 permanent disabilities
  •      41,000 severe allergic reactions
  •      40,000 myocarditis/pericarditis
  •      31,000 life-threatening reactions
  •      14,000 heart attacks
  •        4,600 miscarriages

Remember that these ‘official’ figures on VAERS – which rely solely upon voluntary reporting – likely represent only 1% of the ACTUAL cases.


According to the data, 20% of COVID vaxx deaths were related to cardiac disorders…

Young male athletes, whose bodies were in peak condition, have been collapsing since March 2021 – coinciding with the rollout of Big Pharma`s mRNA ‘gene vaccines’.

A recent Danish study showed a strong indication of cardiovascular deaths from those injected with the Pfizer vaxx. According to its lead author, Dr. Christine Stabell-Benn:

“I think there are danger signals in relation to cardiovascular deaths and diseases. We know that now with certainty for the mRNA vaccines with respect to myocarditis and pericarditis. But also anecdotally, I would say there are reports of cardiovascular deaths which I think deserve further scrutinization. This is just a piece in the puzzle, but it adds to the evidence that suggests this is something which should be investigated further for the mRNA vaccines.”

But instead of medical associations and health authorities heeding the warnings in this study – and many others like it – Dr. Stabell-Benn experienced “not a lot of interest” from regulators and companies. “There is major pushback, to be honest.”


What’s more – researchers at Germany’s top hospital, which is one of Europe’s largest – announced a high rate of severe side effects from the vaxx, lasting months or longer, based on a survey of 40,000 Germans.

Dr. Harald Matthes, the study’s lead researcher, estimates that 500,000 Germans have experienced serious side effects following the jab

And for 20% of them, their vaxx injury symptoms persist beyond six months.

Not surprisingly, the German vaccine reporting system – the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI) – massively underreports vaccine injuries and deaths – meaning we can multiply the official German figures by 40x.

And just like Fauci and his cabal in the corporate media, the PEI is denouncing anyone who questions their numbers as ‘anti-vaxxers’.


Character assassination is rampant…

Anyone who speaks up and reports the dangers of the vaxx is shunned, shamed, and canceled.

But you can be part of the solution.

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We must get the truth out, now.

Lives depend on it.


It’s All Coming Out

A bombshell new report suggests multiple issues around quality control were kept hidden from the FDA at the plant of a longtime government contractor hired to produce hundreds of millions of coronavirus vaccine doses #Johnson&Johnson #Vaccines #Covid #Pandemic


This is the biggest case in the world right now. Not only are the People of South Africa seeking a ruling to hold their President and Parliament liable for the damages inflicted by the Globalist’s Covid-Crime Against Humanity, but they are also seeking a ruling that will liquidate their Central Bank in order to pay damages suffered by the People.

Where South Africa goes, so does the entire Continent. This victory will free the People from the Debt-Slavery imposed by the Central Bank fiat-currency system, establish a gold-backed dollar, eliminate corrupt political parties, and establish Africa as the home base from which to begin the Nuremberg 2.0 trials for the Crime Against Humanity that’s been inflicted upon the entire world.

This could be the big breakthrough event that the world has been praying for. If the South African Constitutional Court was as completely corrupted as the rest of the world, this case would never have gotten to where it is.

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Here’s a link to Ricardo Maarman’s website https://www.showusthevirus.info/

Higher COVID-19 Infection Rates Among Vaccinated Children Than Unvaccinated, CDC Data Show

According to data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), higher COVID-19 case rates have been recorded among fully vaccinated children than unvaccinated in the age group 5-11 since February.

On Feb. 12, CDC reported a weekly case rate of 250.02 per 10,000 population in fully vaccinated children aged 5-11, compared to 245.82 for unvaccinated children in the same age group.

That’s the first time CDC recorded a higher case rate among fully vaccinated young children since data was first collected in December 2021. It remains for the following weeks till the third week of March, the latest week with available data.

Children aged 5–11 years became eligible for COVID-19 vaccination on Nov. 2, 2021. There are about 28 million children in this age group in the nation.

Currently, about 28.8 percent of children in this age group have been fully vaccinated, according to Mayo Clinic.

CDC’s data also show the gap in rates of cases between fully vaccinated and unvaccinated has become increasingly smaller among other age groups. The death rates show the same trend between fully vaccinated and unvaccinated for people above 50. For people under 50 years old, the death rates have not much difference since the rollout of the vaccine.

The data show that the COVID-19 vaccines have a “negligible effect” on people, said Dr. Peter McCullough, a renowned cardiologist and epidemiologist.

“With these results in hand, it is clear the vaccines are having a negligible effect in populations,” McCullough told The Epoch Times via email. “Given the overall poor safety profile and lack of any assurances on long-term safety, Americans should be cautious in considering additional injections of these products.”

CDC responded that several factors contribute to this phenomenon in the age group 5-11.

“Several factors likely affect crude case rates by vaccination and booster dose status, making interpretation of recent trends difficult,” Jasmine Reed, a CDC spokesperson, told The Epoch Times via email.

“Limitations include higher prevalence of previous infection among the unvaccinated and un-boosted groups; difficulty in accounting for time since vaccination and waning protection; and possible differences in testing practices (such as at-home tests) and prevention behaviors by age and vaccination status. These limitations appear to have less impact on the death rates presented here.”

Reed also directed The Epoch Times to a study published by CDC in March, showing Pfizer’s vaccine reduced the Omicron infection among children and adolescents aged 5-15.

Pfizer’s vaccine is the only COVID-19 vaccine that can be administered to the age group 5-17. Pfizer hasn’t responded to a request for comment.

“CDC is assessing whether to continue using these case rate data to provide preliminary information on vaccine impact,” Reed added.

On May 13, a study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association found that Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine turned negatively effective after five months.

The protection also waned considerably against hospitalization over time, the study found. The authors said one way to combat the negative effectiveness was to get a booster dose.

McCullough said most non-randomized studies attempting to estimate vaccine efficacy (VE) had some “common flaws”, including no accounting for baseline prior COVID-19 infection; no reporting for currently boostered within a 6-month time window; and no adjudication of hospitalization or death due to COVID-19 or other conditions.

“As a result, most studies of COVID-19 VE have biases towards overestimating any clinical benefit of vaccination,” said McCullough.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is expected to authorize a booster shot of the Pfizer vaccine for children 5-11 as early as Tuesday, The New York Times reported.

Last month, Moderna requested an emergency use authorization for its COVID-19 vaccine for children 6 months to 6 years of age. As the FDA postponed its decision in February on whether to authorize its COVID-19 vaccine for children six months to four years old, Pfizer is now working on data for a three-dose regimen.